Pictures of Florida

I just spent a ton of time burning images off of my computer so I could add some new ones!  I am going to put a few up to show you some of the places Mike and I have been going.  If you want to see all of the photos, take a look here.

These images are of the Gold Prague Cafe and Bakery in Homestead, FL south of Miami, FL.  They had the most amazing handmade desserts!  I had the one on the bottom right that looks like a triple layer cheesecake, but was more of a fluffy custard with a rich milk chocolate layer on top.  The best part was the prices, they were very economical!

This is the Biscayne Bay National Park in South East Florida.  A lovely little walk and the parking was free!

Here I am with an extremely friendly pelican at the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center in Tavernier, FL.  I took a million bird photos while I was here!  The Center helps rehabilitate injured birds, but the pelicans hang out by choice because they are fed fish every afternoon at 3:00pm.


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