New Jewelry in my Etsy Shop!

I have been working on some new pieces and I wanted to share a little bit about them!  I have been getting some new inspiration from traveling around!  This is very nice as I was starting to feel a little stagnant in a bit of an artistic funk.  The first piece pictured below was started while Mike and I were still in Marquette in the cabin.  I was inspired by all of the naked tree limbs that were so stark against the cold gray sky.  I think I decided  to add all of the green serpentine stones to the piece while we were in South Carolina.  The title “Lime Tree Necklace” came to me while we were in Florida, being that there is so much fresh citrus to eat!  Mike and I have been making a lot of fresh salsa because tomatoes are in season too.

Lime Tree Necklace

Lime Tree Necklace

I was also inspired to make these pendants pictured below while we were in South Carolina.  Here is the initial photo that I took, then I made a sketch, and finally the pendants.  The pendants were hand crafted starting with a square of sterling silver sheet, then a layer of copper which was stamped and hammered onto the cement at a campground in Estero, FL. The next layer is a sheet of copper which I hammered and the top layer is brass textured with some stamping and the campground cement texture again!  I think they would be great for three best friends!  Click the image for more info.

Three Sisters Set

Three Sisters Set

There are also other new items posted in my online store at Etsy, please take a look!


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