The Florida Keys

Mike and I are currently on our way back from the Florida Keys.  It is really beautiful here and there is a lot of character!  There are many art galleries, local fresh fish markets and wildlife areas.  In much of Florida, including the Cape Coral region, we found it difficult to find free beaches and natural areas, but there are plenty of places to get out and enjoy the scenery in the Keys.

We went the the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center in Tavernier, FL which was particularily awesome.  The help rehabilitate injured birds and the ones that cannot fly are kept ar the Center.  I have a million pictures of pelicans and many other birds that I will post really soon!  The park is ran entirely on donations, (they are non-profit) and they have a small gift shop as well.

We then kept driving and eventually made our way to Key West and walked out to the Southern most point of the United States.  The Oceans are beautiful here, there are many many birds and vast amounts of mangroves!  I would strongly suggest a day trip to the Keys if you are vacationing in Florida.



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