Low sales at the Venice-Nokomis Rotary Art Fair

So yesterdays sales at the Venice Art show were horrible.  I am trying to keep my spirits up for today!  Generally I believe that if you think a situation will turn out a certain way, it generally does.  What I mean by that is when I get in a funk at a low-sale show, It somehow shows on my face.  So I am trying to convince myself today will be much, much better!

I am thinking about approaching local gift shops and galleries, bringing my work in and trying to get my items for sale in their shops.  We’ll see!

There was one major perk about the show, the Rotary Club of Venice, FL put on a dinner for the artists last night which was really yummy! There was fresh fruit, sandwitches, veggies, meatballs and a bunch of other food.  Also, if you plan on attending this show in the future, I am fairly certain that they will let you park your camper or RV for the night.  I wish I would have known this, as we are driving over an hour to get to the show!

Wish me luck today!


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