Jewelry Making in Florida!

I finally worked up the artistic energy to make some pieces of jewelry!  I have my studio set up outside and I am working on some silver tree pendants and some of the custom pieces I need to be working on.

Here are some pictures of me in my studio set up in the South West Florida!  Those aren’t my toys scattered about, they belong to Elaina!

Studio in Florida




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2 responses to “Jewelry Making in Florida!

  1. angie doran

    Hi. Just wanted to tell you that I love your creations! I keep coming across your work and am very envious of your ability to enjoy the outdoors while you work. I live in Canada and am setting up shop in my garage. I have to worry about the winter months and the dreaded snow. Hopefully we will find solutions to insulating and plumbing and heating soon. I also have to travel to Florida for inspiration(desperately needed) come Christmas!
    So, lucky girl, keep creating beautiful items and know the world is watching and enjoying. Often living vicariously through you!

    • Hi Angie! Thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate it! Good luck with the studio set up, maybe a wood stove would be a good addition to your garage? Do you have any place online that I can see your jewelry?

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