Living in a Camper

Mike and I are now situated at the first campground which is more of a place that has a ton of permanent trailers fashioned from large RV’s to small mobile homes.  The place is pretty nice and the people are friendly.  In a way living in the camper is a easier than living in our off the grid cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Both places are very enjoyable to be.

The show at Cape Coral is tomorrow, we are going to set up in the morning. We are not allowed to put stakes in the ground to hold the booth down, so Mike made weights from large PVC pipes filled with water, but I am worried that they might not be enough to hold the tent down… If they do not weigh enough, he’ll probably go and get something heavier.  I have never done a show where you cannot stake down, but I’m sure things will work out just fine!

I will write more about the show later!



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2 responses to “Living in a Camper

  1. sparklegarden

    good luck with your show! can’t wait to see how you do!

  2. Thanks Mavis,

    The show went okay today, I wont really know until tomorrow what the final outcome is!

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