Going South on I-75 through Florida!

Today we are traveling south bound to the Cape Coral Festival of the Arts in Cape Coral, Florida.  I drove for the first part of the trip and now Mike is behind the wheel.  It rained for the first few hours of driving, and we will probably get more, but it is not the same as Michigan rain.  The rain is all of the sudden pouring, then all of the sudden stopping, then spraying, then sunny etc.  The main difference seems to be in Michigan, the rain cloud is consistent, in a way, if it’s going to rain it rains, if it’s going to be sunny, it’s sunny.  By no means is this a scientific observation, being that this is my first time experiencing rain in Florida.

We will be camping for two weeks and I am happy to be settling down for a little while.  I really would like to get my studio set up and comfortable to work in.  I really need to be in the ‘zone’ to make progress in my work. This has been the major challenge thus far.  I have a hard time working without concentration and organization.

We hung out with Mike’s aunt and husband in Gainseville and had a great time!  His aunt showed us around town and gave us a tour of the campus.  She treated us to Hare Krishna lunch served by Krishna devotees at the University of Florida in Gainseville.  It was awesome and only $4.00!


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