Travelling Backwards Through the Seasons

It occurred to me last night that leaving the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and stopping in South Carolina, then onto Florida feels like traveling backwards through the seasons. We started in Winter, then the a Fall like climate, then to summer in Florida. Even though it is still called winter in January all over the world, I feel like I am in a time warp!



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4 responses to “Travelling Backwards Through the Seasons

  1. I miss you already. When a random sounding car goes by or a car door slams on the street I think –no more Beth and Michael–FOR 5 MONTHS!!–TORTURE.

    You are one of the best supporters of my art and a huge motivator. It is hard to give another artist an excuse. Unfortunately it can be too easy to give yourself excuses.

    The Ishpeming project is moving along. I keep asking myself what’s next.

    Happy Trails to you and Mike!

  2. We miss you too Kim! I am glad the Ishpeming Project is going well!

    Enjoy the snow!

  3. I always loved those drives from Michigan to Florida in the winter. Up early on a frosty morning, van already loaded, stop for donuts and coffee and hit the road! We usually took several days, by the time we hit southern Indiana it had warmed up a little. Sometimes there were great icicles on the mountains in Tennessee and by the second morning we had removed one layer of clothing.

    One of the things I loved the most about the art fairs was the traveling. Travel safely, Beth.

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