How to get rid of the smell of mothballs in South Carolina!

We finally made it to South Carolina last night around 10:30 EST.  We managed to stay up and visit for a little while and then got our bedding somewhat organized, but the only problem is that the camper really stinks of moth balls!   Does anyone have an easy solution to get rid of the smell?

Here are the things we have tried:

  1. Patchouli Oil on Pillows as an first resort after driving all day and being tired. =)
  2. Incense
  3. Open everything and put it in the sun, take all covers off of everything and wash with vinegar and detergent.
  4. Baking Powder.  Scrub and sprinkle in cabinets.  This works well to absorb the smell and to clean the linoleum in the bottom of drawers and cabinets.
  5. Lighting Twigs, leaves and pine needles on fire in an ashtray.  Smells good and burns off the gaseous air.
  6. Boiled Rosemary and Spearmint.  Smells amazing, especially when the rosemary is growing fresh!
  7. Febreze, I don’t really like to use chemicals, but it smells a lot better than mothballs.

I am happy that the mothballs kept the mice and insects out, but I would suggest cedar branches instead as pests do not like them and they smell great and are natural.


We are very appreciative to Mike’s Grandparents who gave us the camper!  It has two full size beds and one twin/booth.  It also has two propane burners and a sink.  There is plenty of room now that we are moving everything into it’s place.  I can wait to be all organized and moved in!  I will post some pictures in the future.


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One response to “How to get rid of the smell of mothballs in South Carolina!

  1. Scented Candles

    You produce beautiful jewelery (that’s how us Brits spell it 🙂

    I hate the smell of mothballs so how about a large scented candle? This could fragrance the camper, be used to give additional light and be able to cook some food if your gas cooker runs out. Of course safety is paramount so be careful if using candles in any enclosed space.

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