Driving through FIVE states today; the life of a traveling jewelry artist

Today Mike and I left from my cousins house in Illinois.  I got to meet 4 cousins that I have never really met and also reunite with my aunt, she is an artist also, you can see her work here.  I had a wonderful time getting to know them all and wish that we could have a little longer, but the road was calling!

We woke up later than we wanted to this morning, but I think it was meant to be, because we stayed up kind of late last night.  We almost hit the morning rush hour traffic outside of Chicago, but managed to miss it, thankfully.

We are currently in Indiana and will be driving through TN, KY, NC and ending in South Carolina.  When we first were planning this trip, we wanted to take all county roads, looking back that probably would have doubled the amount of miles we would have driven.  The freeway isn’t so bad when you are trying to make a 750 mile trip in one day!

We are traveling through more states today than we have ever been to!
Moon Mountain Necklace


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One response to “Driving through FIVE states today; the life of a traveling jewelry artist

  1. Hi Beth, I just came across this blog entry. Very nice looking work. Always a temptation to take the back roads, isn’t it? But not if you’re doing 750 miles in a day, especially during the short days of the year.

    You might be interested in visiting my site: artfairinsiders.com and joining our community there.

    Happy travels.

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