First Show in Cape Coral, Florida!

Well, we are about to start off on an epic journey.  Mike (my fiance) and I are traveling with two friends and their young daughter around the US to various Art Shows and Music Festivals . The first show away from Michigan is Cape Coral Festival of the Arts in Cape Coral, FL.  The art festival will be held January 10th and 11th 2009!  I will be selling my hand crafted sterling silver and copper jewelry.

Cape Coral, FL

Cape Coral, Florida

Cape Coral, Florida

Cape Coral, Florida

Mike and I have been running around doing the million tasks that need to be finished before taking off for a 5 month journey!  I am so excited to voyage out into the different areas of the United States, a  bit nevous too.  I have only ever been to Wisconsin (my home state) Michigan (my current state), Minnesota, and Illinois!  I have also been to Mexico two times and I flew, so I didn’t see anything inbetween.  I have never seen a mountain in my life.

I am really ready to experience weather other than snow.  I have lived in the snowy climates for all of my life and although I like the snow, I am really ready for warm weather again.  It has been snowing in the Upper Peninsula since October.  There is about 2 feet outside and we did have some rain that compacted it a bit, but more that 2 feet has fallen so far!

I have been living in an off-the-grid cabin and I honestly love it.  Everyone always asks about how cold the outhouse is, sure it’s cold, but I don’t really mind.  But I am ready to explore other areas that I have never seen.  Being a jewelry artist allows me to travel and take my business on the road.  I work harder than I ever have at any ‘job’, but there is a sence of sustainability and self sufficency.  Mike has been a great help since it is the off season for contractors too.  Right now he is packing all of the food that we are going to bring with and all of the kitchen supplies.


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  1. This year’s festival was great! Tremendous opportunity, great vendors, great food 🙂

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