New Venue for Selling Handmade! 1000markets

  • I have recently signed started a shop at this site is juried and has a wonderful assortment of handmade items!


  • There are many awesome markets which include different items with a common theme. I am part of the Inspired by Nature market, which is really awesome and has a great holiday gift guide!


  • I am offering the majority of the items in my shop that are ‘made to order’, allowing my customers to obtain some of my most popular designs that have been refined and expanded from their original counterparts. This also allows for the customer to buy matching pieces to make their own unique collections of jewelry.

Screen Shot of Beth Millner's 1000markets store

Please visit My Store at 1000markets and make sure to check out the amazing juried artwork that is on the site!



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3 responses to “New Venue for Selling Handmade! 1000markets

  1. Nice write-up, Beth. Your products are beautiful and I love what you are doing to support small artisan businesses!


  2. Thanks Matt! You are doing a great job with the 10000markets site! Thanks for the compliments!

  3. I am thoroughly enjoying the Markets community and the wonderful, easy to use features and beautiful look of the site. It’s an excellent venue and I’m very glad to be there. Great article Beth!

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