Custom Necklace in Progress!

I am in the process of making a custom opal necklace for one of my past English professors. Her husband gave me these opals in the summer and basically gave me artistic freedom! They are the biggest most beautiful opals I have ever seen! He got them in the 1960’s and they have been waiting for the opportunity to have them made into a piece of jewelry.

Custom Opal Necklace

Custom Opal Necklace

Custom Opal Necklace

Click Here to see images of the finished piece!



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5 responses to “Custom Necklace in Progress!

  1. Art Holman

    It is easy to understand why they gave you artistic freedom for this piece. Your design emphasizes the fire and beauty of the stones. They were smart to wait 40 years and to choose you to design and create this dramatic, unique, piece of wearable art.

  2. Thanks Art!! That means you like it so far… =)

  3. Hi Beth,

    Nice looking design and arrangment. There’s nothing quite like a completely Hand Made piece of jewelry.

    Most people have no idea just what goes into “Hand Made”.

    Are you working on anything else that we might be seeing soon?



  4. Hi James, I added a link above to the a newer blog post with finished custom jewelry. I have also been working on a Malia Bee Replica which I will be posting images of the process soon!

    Thanks for the compliments on my design!

    Here is the link again to the other post:

  5. annieepoetry

    Those are some pretty opals. I want to put them in my pocket and finger them all day, and when the sun comes out hold them up and smile at them. They could be my best friend. I’d name Harry I think.

    Good work. Fly bosa!

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