Creative Jewerly Display Ideas!

I have been noticing more people posting around the web about different creative ways to display jewelry! One of the more difficult things to display is rings. There are plenty of ring trays available, you know the ones that hold a whole bunch of rings, but what if you want to showcase them? Giving each ring it’s own display can be a great way to draw peoples attention!

Here is a great example from Pamela, you can check out the full post here.  These even double as vampire stakes!

Vampire Stakes and Ring Displays

I don’t have any photos of the process, but I’ll try to describe it. I believe the tool of choice would have been a wood lathe. Without that, I believe a band saw and a belt sander would have been useful. Perhaps someone with more wood-making experience would have a different opinion…More



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11 responses to “Creative Jewerly Display Ideas!

  1. sparklegarden

    what a fantastic display!

  2. She sure had a great idea! I love the looks of the wood!

  3. Looks unique, original and classic and earthy. I love it!

  4. Yeah! She had a great idea!

  5. Pamela

    Beth, I just wanted to let you know I’ve moved this to a permanent spot at:
    Thanks to everyone for their compliments!

  6. Denise

    How do the websites make their rings seem as though they are “standing up” or “floating”?

  7. I think they use a small piece of wax/putty made to help a ring stand up. The floating effect I think is produced by having a piece of sandblasted glass underneath, but I am not too sure!

  8. these are great! Ive been using these bamboo boxes for ring displays but i will certainly try to incorporate the necklace part now too! thanks for sharing!

  9. these are gread dislpays for rings and hanging pendants

  10. Hilary

    Great idea for the ring displays-can’t wait to make my own!

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