Art on the Rocks and New Jewelry!

I will be at the 50th Annual Art on the Rocks this Weekend!
I have a bunch of new jewelry that will be for sale in my jewelry booth! Come Check it out!

(SOLD) Sterling Silver 3/4″ tall

$60 Sterling Silver 1″ tall

(SOLD) Sterling Silver 1.5″ tall

$32 Copper 1.5″ tall

$30 Copper 1″ tall

(SOLD) Copper 3/4″ tall

You can see more of my new jewelry at my flickr account HERE…



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5 responses to “Art on the Rocks and New Jewelry!

  1. Oh I love your new chickie-poos in silver! Aaaaaaaaaaah I am gushing like a giddie mother hen. I gotta get me a chickie.

  2. I love them too! I want to purchase one for my friend. Please let me know how I might do that. Thanks sweetie 🙂

  3. Wow, Thanks for the compliments! I will edit the post to include the prices, then you can let me know which you would like and I will email you a paypal invoice! =)

  4. Wow I love them all especially the dragonfly necklace. I just started my dragonfly collection of different kind of jewelry. How much is it?

  5. Thanks! The dragonfly necklace is $175.

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