Blissfest, Los Ninos Perdidos, and Hiawatha Music Festival

I had a great time at Blissfest! Here is an image of my booth:

Also, here is an image of Birchleaf Designs Booth and some of the awesome people trying out there handmade hula hoops

Here are a couple of images of the crowd at Main Stage, Cry on Cue and the Drum Kiva!

Also, there was a massive leap frog session among some of the members of Ignorant Mob!

Cry on Cue, Ignorant Mob and Tomás y Los Niños Perdidos will be playing this Thursday July 17th at the Kaufman Auditorium! Tickets are on sale now at Marquette Food Co-op for $10! You should really come and see this show!!

Also, I will be vending my handcrafted jewelry at Hiawatha Music Festival in Marquette this weekend, July 18th-20th! Please come to the festival, it is a great time!



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4 responses to “Blissfest, Los Ninos Perdidos, and Hiawatha Music Festival

  1. Looked like fun. Would love to do a craft fair some time. Money money is what I need to do it, though!

  2. Yeah, it does cost a bit of money to get to the shows in the first place!

  3. Sweet Photos Beth! Festivals sure are fun.

  4. Thanks Wendy! I will have to get the other photos to you soon!

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