3 Reasons to Vend at Music Festivals

It is finally summer in the Upper Peninsula. I wake up and am able to venture outside with short sleeves. It has been warm for a couple of weeks, but summer seems to have started later than last year.

A few days ago, I helped Wendy and Mojo of Birchleaf Designs tie dye a bunch of their summer inventory! I even got to tie dye a few of my own things. I will be washing them out tomorrow and seeing how they look.

I am pretty excited for Blissfest this coming weekend (July 11-13th) It will be nice to get on the road and do another show. I really like vending my handcrafted jewelry at music festivals.
1. Captive Audience

The people who go to music festivals are usually there for the duration of the weekend or at least an entire day. They go to stay a while. This gives your potential customer a chance to look at your items, then walk away, listen to their favorite musicians and come back to make the purchase.

2. Spending Money

Most people bring spending money to a music festival. They know that there will be things to purchase, so they set a little aside for this exact reason.

3. Camping

I really enjoy being able to set up camp and have a “home base” right near to my jewelry booth. This allows for me to be at the ‘place of business’ rather than having to drive there in the morning. Also, I can make myself breakfast and a cup of coffee because I have set up camp. I generally spend less money on food/drinks when I go to a festival, compared to an out of town art show.

Come visit me at Blissfest! This weekend!!



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3 responses to “3 Reasons to Vend at Music Festivals

  1. Have a great show Beth–I will be home studying math for next semester–yup, that’s right I am going back to school–yikes!!

  2. Thanks Kim, good luck with the math!

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