In the woods!

Well, Mike and I are finally feeling settled in our new little cabin in the woods! It is amazing here and I couldn’t be in a better place! My computer is currently charging off of solar power and I have internet access anywhere my cell phone works, which is quite nice. I would like to post some pictures, but the internet connection is somewhat slow, so I will do that in the near future.

Last night we had the first thunderstorm of the season and it was beautiful! Now it is like 75 degrees outside and everything is a vivid green. The leaves have just opened up in the last week and now it is summer all of the sudden! I am truly excited and maybe I will take a swim in the Yellow Dog River today.

I have been taking a little break from jewelry making and computer stuff, which has been great. This is the first time in a while that I have had any free time to just live and I am liking it quite a bit!

I am probably going to be starting some wholesale orders soon and I hope that keeps the jewelry business goin’ until my next show in Menominee, MI on Sunday the 29th of June. The title of the show it Art for All and I hope to see many people from my hometown of Marinette, WI.



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2 responses to “In the woods!

  1. We will have to come out real real soon! I am envious and as green as those leaves 😉 I need to get my “chickie” too! If you still have one (fingers crossed).

  2. I’m sorry Kim, I sold out of the silver chicks =(, but I just made a bunch of bird cutouts in copper the other day…

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