Well… some shows flop

I am not a big fan of blogs that go on and on with complaints, but here we go. The MSU Arts and Crafts show was definitely a monster flop for me. I did not make even make booth fee. The economy in Michigan is a sad story. The gas is darn expensive and people just aren’t making the impulse purchases like last summer. I was in a funk right away on Saturday morning because I did not get enough sleep. I think the customer can tell if you are in a bad mood, or tired, so this probably also affected my sales. It was pretty windy outside, but my booth was in a somewhat blocked area, but I definitely saw other easy-up tents like my own collapsed and ruined from the wind. Overall there was way too much buy-sell items in this show. I wish that there was a real jury that actually would tell people to leave if there work was not handmade. The show was a big bummer, but definitely a learning experience! Oh, a couple more bad things happened, a cup of coffee spilled into my purse Sunday morning and soaked everything. And almost all of my glass tipped over and broke in the car. I have only used it once… I’ll post some pictures of my booth set up once I regain my bearings! =) Overall, online sales are more fun, less stress and fuss. If you want to make a pity purchase, head over to my still-fully stocked etsy shop. Kidding… well sort of!

Okay, rant over.

I got to visit my friends in Ann Arbor over the weekend and found out that they are going to have a baby!! That was definitely the highlight of the trip! I also got to spend a bunch of time with Mike, my fiance’ which was also really fun. I don’t have another show until June 29th which is the Menominee, MI Art for All. This is basically my home town (actually grew up in Marinette, WI, which is 5 minutes away) so I hope to see some familiar faces! I have the next month to move up to our little cabin off the grid near Big Bay, MI, which will be very exciting! I guess the positive of this is that I can take a little break from creating jewelry and spend some time on other things I enjoy.


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