Michigan State University Arts and Crafts Show

Getting Ready!

Michigan State University Arts and Craft Show May 17th &18th 2008

Well, I have been spending the past two weeks, since graduation, getting ready or the Michigan State University Arts and Craft Show in Lansing, MI. I went thrift store shopping yesterday and found a giant bolt of upholstery to make interior curtains with, like 15yds. It happened to be my lucky day because I also found a cash box and some other curtains that are a great accent to the massive bolt of fabric. All together I only spend $20. I presume that all of these things new would have cost in the $100 range. The bolt of fabric is a great subtle pattern of light gray’s and browns, which happen to match my business card perfectly! The other pre-made curtains are a desaturated mossy green which looks happens to be a perfect match to my table cloths.

Oh yeah, I also found this great little rack that I am going to cover with fabric, which will make a wonderful bracelet display! I also worked out a trade with a friend for a tall directors chair to use in my booth, I am a firm believer that if I spend a little time looking, I can find the things I need second-hand. There are so many things in existence in this world, I find great satisfaction in getting used things for my booth! It was a lucky day on the booth supply hunt and I only have a few more things on my to-do list.

  1. Stamp all Jewelry Boxes with new logo stamp (150+boxes)
  2. Add new items to inventory, price and tag (10+ items)
  3. Get change from the bank for new cash box
  4. Get/Make a banner if there is time…
  5. Get Carbon Copy receipts
  6. Water-proof tent with spray stuff
  7. Make curtain rods hangable
  8. Pack everything
  9. Drive forever

Gas is getting pretty expensive, but I guess that is to be expected. Lansing is the furthest show I plan on traveling to this summer, almost a 7 hour drive. I will be setting up Friday evening, then driving to Ann Arbor, MI to hang out and spend the night with some friends. I am glad to not be camping, because it is still pretty cold in MI. The weather looks like it will be okay for the show, there is a 30% chance of rain all of the days. I really hope it does not rain… current weather in Lansing, MI.

I always try to check the weather before a show to make sure that I am going to be warm enough, this is the first show I will have done that I was in fear of being cold! I bought some new (thrift store) clothes to wear in the booth, but they are all summer clothes, so I will have to figure something out that is warmer

I have been making a ton of jewelry lately. My current inventory is 3 times as much as I ever had at any point last summer. Inventory is a chore, but it helps keep track of what is selling, popular, and helps me make sense of my bookkeeping. I spent the first half of last week putting tags on all of my new items and doing a proper inventory which took forever! Since I was in college, I was used to stockpiling jewelry to turn in at the end of the semester for a grade. I haven’t done an art show since last August, and I have not made more than a few tags since, so I had my work cut out for me! I think I will make a conscious effort to tag as I go this summer.

I hope to see many faces at the MSU Arts and Crafts Show this coming weekend! I have read that there is an attendance of 60,000 people, which is a bit intimidating, exciting, and all around new to me. The biggest show I think I have done may have been Hiawatha Music Festival, which I don’t exactly know how many people attend, but I presume it is only a four digit number!

I am very enthusiastic about the MSU Show! Hopefully the weather is great and the sales are good! If you have attended, or are selling at this show, please post in the comments below about your experience!



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5 responses to “Michigan State University Arts and Crafts Show

  1. Congrats and happy trails Beth! It sounds like you are well-prepared.

    When you come back let’s do coffee or tea and have an artist meeting. I need to sound ideas off of someone and brainstorm abundance and direction(s).

    TV6 is interviewing me at Dead River at 3:45 tommorrow–I have to drive straight from teaching in Gwinn to Dead River and then go to nite job–wow!

  2. Thanks for the best-wishes! TV 6 is interviewing you!! Awesome! You are famous.

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