Upper Peninsula Artists on Etsy

There are few artists on Etsy.com from the Marquette in the Upper Peninsula. Etsy is a place “to buy and sell things handmade.” The Upper Peninsula is that funny little growth on the top of Wisconsin that actually belongs to Michigan.

Here is a small, but hopefully growing group of fellow Marquette, MI Residents that sell their handcrafted goods on Etsy. There is everything from native seeds to fine art photography. Some of the people I know personally and some I have never met, but supporting your community is quite important, so here goes nothing!

Guide to Marquette Michigan’s Artists on Etsy

Jeff is new to Etsy, I just noticed his shop last week. He makes handcrafted glass beads. glassmeister.etsy.com

Aaron Sault is new to Etsy, but has been traveling to fairs and festival selling his handcrafted jewelry. We both studied Metalsmithing at Northern Michigan University. Aaron received a ‘best of show’ award at Art on the Rocks in the summer of 2007. AaronSault.etsy.com

Birchleaf Designs is a great little shop with silk and wood play items for kids and many other items for the whole family! The best part is, we will soon be neighbors birchleafdesigns.etsy.com

Infinite Gardens is a local Etsy shop that specializes in native seeds for local plants. infinitegardens.etsy.com

Amanda Shellnut is a great photographer with a flare for creative, eye catching, social boundary breaking photography. We both graduated from NMU with BFA in Art and Design in May of 2008. AmandaShellnut.etsy.com

Serenity Creations is a dichoric glass artist on Etsy. serenitycreations.etsy.com

Glass and Gems is a shop on Etsy that features Beaded Jewelry. glassandgems.etsy.com

Happy Raven is operated by acrylic painter Todd Carter. HappyRaven.etsy.com

Mendilei is a photographer on Etsy. mindelei.etsy.com

If you are looking to buy art locally, please take a look at Etsy.com, see which of your favorite local artist are selling their items on Etsy. Here is a link to their “shop local tool” it is very simple and easy to use, all you need is a city name. It is a simple and easy way to support you local artists!

I would like to do a directory of all Etsy artists in the entire Upper Peninsula, please write a comment below and add a link to your UP Etsy shop!



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2 responses to “Upper Peninsula Artists on Etsy

  1. What a great idea (your blog) to get the word out on our local artists! I created Yooper Yard Sale in 2005 with a similar purpose in mind – helping locals buy/sell locally. I encourage all the U.P. artists out there to consider joining to get the word out about your beautiful products. BTW, I love browsing Etsy – it’s addicting! 🙂


  2. WOW!! I didn’t know the U.P. had such wildly creative folks!! As an artist myself, and a Yooper, I have been having a lot of trouble finding other artists to connect with.

    I usually sell my art on ebay, but this year things are slow… maybe I will be at etsy soon, another Yooper Artist!!

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