My Senior Exhibition

I have always been obsessed with making things by hand.  Because of my passion for handmade, all of the components of my senior exhibition are made from scratch. The displays that the jewelry rests upon are handcrafted from foam sheets, cast painted aluminum, and copper wire. The maple and pine display tables were designed and created in collaboration with Michael Hainstock, my fiancé.  These tables can be folded very compact for traveling to various art fairs.

This body of work consists of three different series of narrative jewelry, which are derived from various experiences in my life.

‘The Birds and the Bees’ series was inspired by a robin’s nest, which was outside of my window last spring.  I am interested in the circular patterns of reproduction and existence that emerge daily in nature.

The ‘Caffeinated’ series was influenced by my strong connection to coffee houses.  One of my first jobs was a barista serving specialty coffees and baked goods.   Upon moving to the Marquette area, I found Dead River Coffee to be a great social scene allowing me to meet and develop long lasting relationships with individuals from the community.

The ‘Habitation‘ series is representative of my desire to live in a home in the woods, with a community of people.  Also, many of my companions are homebuilders and green builders, which has inspired this series of jewelry.

Reusing materials is very important to me.  Many of my pieces are made by melting and casting scrap precious metal into new pieces.  Some of the sources of reused metal are from old sterling silverware, damaged jewelry and salvaged copper electrical wire.

The Birds and the Bees

Buzz Ring

Birds on a Wire

Birds on a Wire (detail)

Hive Bracelet

Nesting Pendant

The Feast Necklace

The Feast (detail)

Perch Earrings

Buzz Earrings

The Caffeinated Series

Cafe Ring

Balancing Bean Ring

Morning Buzz Necklace

Morning Buzz Necklace or two Bracelets with Earrings

Bean Ring

Rise and Shine Necklace

Rise and Shine Necklace (detail)

Dead River Coffee Pins

Cafe Necklace

Cafe Necklace (back)

Bean Earrings

Java Ring

The Habitation Series

Tool Pin

Hammer Time Necklace

Natural Builder Necklace

Builder Necklace

Neighborhood Bangle

Home Earrings

Community Necklace



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7 responses to “My Senior Exhibition

  1. annieepoetry

    wow. your jewelry is great. you continue to blow me away.
    Beth, don’t ever give up

  2. Thanks Annie! Your poetry is great!

  3. cw

    Inspiring pieces

  4. mom

    I’m so very proud of you honey. Nice work, love always mom.

  5. Thanks Mom! Fun to have you comment on my blog!

  6. Beth,

    Your work is so awesome! I’m happy to have you as a “featured artist” on my DZFANTASY blog! By the way, congratulations on getting your degree!!

    Don’t forget….only JURIED shows!!


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