The Show Is Up!

I set up my senior exhibition today! The installation will be done tomorrow at 5:00pm and open for the public Wednesday morning. It was an interesting morning and many unique and interesting works of art were being hung, mounted, displayed and strung from the ceiling. In past semesters, watching other students graduate, I had a overall sense of the show. It is much more difficult to see who’s work might win “best of show” and who will have the best response etc. when you are in the show. The exhibition takes place in one large room with 42 different people hanging, installing and in general figuring out how artwork is displayed. Not all 42 people showed up bright and shining at 10:00am today, but many came throughout the morning until I left in the early afternoon. I took many photos, and plan to take a few more tomorrow. Here is a shot of my final setup, shining with fingerprints freshly removed. I am not big into cleaning glass (a little late to start complaining, being that I plan on using these display cases for a long time.)

Mike (my fiance’) and I made the tables last week and we ordered the glass from Wilder’s Glass in Marquette. The glass I purchased was great and the guys at Wilder’s Glass were very helpful and more than accommodating.

You can click here for more images of students setting up for this exhibit!



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2 responses to “The Show Is Up!

  1. Wow your designs look stunning showcased like this.

  2. Thanks! I like the final look also!

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