Another Custom Design!

I have been working on a fair amount of consignment pieces, and here is the current custom, pendant I am working on!

Custom Jewelry

Beth Millner

Beth Millner Custom Jewelry

Here is the image I made in Photoshop, printed, waiting to be rubber cemented to that big ole’ piece of sterling silver on my counter.

Rubber Cement, Jewelry

Beth Millner

Here I am making little center punches onto my pattern with a hammer and a sharp nail. I like to mark where the drill is going to start in order to make my hole extremely accurate!

beth Millner Jewelry Drilling

Now I am drilling with my dremel and a tiny drill bit, about 1/2mm wide.


Then I cut out the oval shape with my jewelers saw.

I hand saw all of the individual segments, I have to make sure to watch the saw blade every moment, so I don’t mess up.

bee jewelry

Here is the bee cut out!


Here is the back of the piece, with all of the little drill holes. I thread the saw blade through the drill holes and then saw.

dragon jewelry

A little more…

Almost Done!

Almost Done…

bee and dragon

An voila! The finished cutout! I am waiting to hear back from the customer to find out the exact size I need to make the bail.



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5 responses to “Another Custom Design!

  1. Beth,

    Very cool! I love how you photographed the step-by-step process. You make it look so easy!

  2. Thanks! It actually took quite a while to saw out the pendant, but I was also taking a bunch of photos during the process! I also use a very small saw blade 4/0 which allows for accurate cutting.

  3. Great minds – I have been piercing bugs lately also!!!

    Robyn Hawk

  4. I just discovered your blog, I love it! I hope I get a chance to come up there this summer and take some photos for my blog.

  5. I hope you also get a chance to come to the UP! I think you would love it, I know I really do.

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