New Items for Sale on Etsy

I have listed six new items in my Etsy Shop! I have been spending a ton of time preparing for my senior exhibition!

It is exciting to be graduating, but part of me really just wants to stay in school forever. My fiancé, Mike, is helping me make folding display tables for my senior exhibit that will have glass cases on top. They become very compact and are tall.

It will be interesting learning the differences between selling items from a glass case, rather than items that are just out in the open. If you have glass cases, let me know how they work for you (the good aspects and the bad)!

I am in the process of writing the rough draft of my artist statement (which will be posted by my items in the DeVos gallery). Here is the rough version, don’t be too critical!

My work consists of three different series’ of functional wearable jewelry. Some of the pieces serve dual purposed serving as a neck piece or two bracelets. I enjoy making jewelry that has representational elements allowing for my jewelry to develop from sketches and drawings.

‘The Birds and the Bees’ series was inspired by a robin’s nest, which was outside of my window last spring. I am interested in the circular patterns of reproduction and existence that often emerge daily in my life.

The ‘Coffee’ series is influenced by my connection to coffee houses and cafés. One of my first jobs was a barista serving specialty coffees and baked goods. Upon moving to the Marquette area, I found Dead River Coffee to be a great social scene allowing me to meet and interact with individuals from the community.

The ‘Habitation ‘series is representational of my desire to live in a home in the woods, with a community of other people. Many of my companions are homebuilders who are an essential asset to our community.


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