The Birds and the Bees, Coffee, and Builders

Senior Exhibit

I am currently working on the three facets of my senior exhibit which will go on display in May. There are three themes that are present in my new bodies of work.

1. The Birds and the Bees

Many of the pieces in this series are already made and for sale at my online store at Etsy.
copyright Beth Millner 2007-8
“None of Your Beeswax”

copyright Beth Millner 2007-8
“Bird House Earrings”

copyright Beth Millner 2007-8
“The Birds and the Bees”

2. Caffeinated Series

The “Caffeinated Series” consists of jewelry about coffee, coffee houses, and cafe’s. There will be a series of pins dedicated to Dead River Coffee (Marquette, MI). Coffee beans that have been cast into silver and various other components related to coffee. Keep your eyes peeled for this new body of work!

3. Builder Series

The “Builder Series” will consist of jewelry related to the field of construction with an emphasis on ‘simple’ living, green building and natural building. There will be pendants with silhouette shapes of tools and house components. There will also be a series of pendants that are designed for men. Unique mens jewelry is difficult for me to design, so I am enjoying the challenge! Only a few pieces from this series are complete, but soon there will be more!



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3 responses to “The Birds and the Bees, Coffee, and Builders

  1. I am looking forward with much anticipation to the coffee and builder series of jewlery. I love my birdhouse earings and where my peepish, sheepish and fishy pins often–they always get comments. Today I am “peepish” or “sheepish” or perhaps I am froggy as I have no voice. Hmmm froggy pin LOL! What I would love is to do something together for the Yellow Dog. But I do not want to take away from your studies now–we can think this summer, perhaps? Chat with you soon.

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  3. Thanks for having such an insightful view on this topic. Adding you to my feed reader right now.

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