Metalsmithing Student: Blacksmithing

Currently I am in a blacksmithing class which is much harder than it looks! I am pretty sore today from a few hours of hammering yesterday. I was attempting to do a forming technique called an upset. With this technique, you essentially thicken the square stock and make a wider flare at the end. Sounds a lot easier that it really is, but I am glad to learn about steel. I am hoping to get back into the blacksmithing studio tomorrow, but I am pretty sore and don’t want to overdo it! I will add some photos in the future of some of my blacksmithing endeavors!

For now, you can look at this photo of my home studio where I do a lot of my jewelry making!



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2 responses to “Metalsmithing Student: Blacksmithing

  1. Blacksmithing sounds interesting. How much does your haammer weigh?

  2. Tina,
    Blacksmithing is really fun, now that I am starting to get the hang of it! I am using 3 lb hammers and 5 lb hammers, which is considerably more heavy than any hammer I use when making jewelry!

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