Selling Jewelry Online – Storefront Options

Copper and Silver Lamination Earrings

Are you wondering about how to put your business online? Rena Klingenberg has written a great article!

“Selling Jewelry Online – Storefront Options

For selling jewelry online, you’ll need three things:

* a website or blog
* a storefront or shopping cart
* an online payment processor.

To accomplish this, you have four options:” read more…



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3 responses to “Selling Jewelry Online – Storefront Options

  1. Great business information, thanks for the link.

  2. Thanks Angelia! The website I linked to has the most amazing information ever! She collects the best articles from all over the internet on running a successful jewelry business, but many of her articles relate to any small business that makes handcrafted items.

  3. Beth,

    Thanks so much for referring to my article! :o)

    At the end of the article, I’ve just left an answer to your excellent question about creating and selling jewelry tutorials online.

    Take care.

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