Etsy: Guide to Fees

Bee Ring

I wanted to put this information out there for all of you who may be reluctant to have an account on Etsy to sell your hand crafted items. I find that selling items on Etsy is not all that expensive and is generally cheaper than the fees associated with art fairs and consignment.

So here’s the details on an item that is listed for $20.00 on etsy and then paid for with paypal.

  • $20.00 item with $2.50 shipping and handling (charged on etsy)
  • Total money paid by customer to paypal $22.50
  • Paypal Fee (2.9% $22.50)+$.30=$0.95 fee
  • Etsy Sale Fee 3.5%($20.00)=$0.70 fee
  • Etsy listing fee =$.20 fee
  • Actual cost of shipping for 1 oz package $1.31 fee
  • Money Received = $19.34

Remember to add in additional cost for packaging/ overhead and all of those little other things that add up so quickly!



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72 responses to “Etsy: Guide to Fees

  1. Very important and useful information!

  2. This would be REALLY Helpful. I’m realizing I’m probably selling things for less than they cost me to make, package, send & pay fees for 🙂


  3. Cat

    I would love to have a excell spreadsheet that would calculate all that information… I have been trying to figure out how to keep track of it all and haveing not much luck, LOL But I do have about 567 starter attempts? giggles

  4. Cat, I sent you the e-mail! Let me know how it works…

  5. Would you possibly be able to email this to me? Thank you, Nicole.

  6. This would be very helpful and would be much appreciated if you’d send me a copy of the spreadsheet! 😀

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

  7. This is great! One question….why do you add the $0.30 with the paypal fee? I would love for you to e-mail me the spreadsheet!

  8. Sounds like a great tool. I would love for you to send me an email on this.

    Thank you.

  9. Stephanie, the $.30 fee is charged on every transaction.
    (it was typed wrong before-so I fixed it)

  10. Julie

    Thanks for your wonderful explanation. I would love to have your spreadsheet 🙂

  11. I haven’t tried Etsy before, but it looks like a fair deal. Thanks for the useful info.

  12. Beth – I LOVE Excel – and would LOVE to see your spreadsheet. Thanks so much!

  13. Bob James

    Beth: I just found your info and it is extremely helpful!!! Please send me your spreadsheet. I think it will be very helpful! Thanks for being willing to share your expertise! BJ

  14. This great tips for beginners at Etsy. I have been selling for 3 yrs now and this is great cheat sheet for those that are just starting out. 🙂

  15. Christine

    Beth, this is great information! Thanks for the scoop.

  16. Jennie

    Hi Beth, thanks for the great information you´re providing. Please send me the excel sheet you mentioned.

  17. This is great information I have been thinking of setting up an etsy shop for ages and I think now I shall start one. Can you please send me the excel sheet?

  18. Beth, I would appreciate it if you can also email me the excel spreadsheet… Thank you for the encouragement!

  19. I would also love a copy of your spreadsheet. I have actually set up an Etsy account quite a while ago, but did not sell anything. 😦 I’ve also just come across (which has an annual fee of $59 and no fees (except for payment processing 10% if you use their system) and I’m wondering if you or anyone else posting here has tried them?

  20. Sunshine

    A friend just sent me this link. I’ve been thinking about trying to sell a handcrafted item to see if anyone is interested in my work. Your spreadsheet would be precious information to help me get started. Thanks

  21. Tim

    Thanks for the info! Please send spread sheet.

  22. Please send me your spreadsheet. Sounds like it would help. Thanks. I’m just starting out on Esty.

  23. Hi! I’m just getting started on Etsy and would love it if you’d send me a copy of your excel spreadsheet. That’ll really help me “guess-timate” my expenses. Thank you so much for providing this tool!

  24. I’m another crafter who has just started seeling on Etsy and would love a copy of your excel sheet. Thank you so much for providing this helpful tool to all of us.

    Best Regards,

    Martha Hughes
    Dancing Monkey Jewelry

  25. Jen

    Thank you so much for your information. Could you please email me your excel sheet?

  26. Thanks for that, a very useful breakdown indeed 🙂

  27. Michele

    I’d love a copy as I’m about to get started on Etsy. Thanks.

  28. Erin

    Is this still going?

    If so I’d love a copy of that spreadsheet.

    Thank you for the great offer.

  29. Joyce


    Thank you for all the information posted on your blog. Everything is so informative specially for people like me who are new bees into the jewelry business world.

    I am in philippines not sure if it is a good idea for me to start with Etsy however if you can email me the spreadsheet you have mentioned in your article. If you have details about paypal or GCash used in Philippines that will be great.


  30. Joyce,
    I sent you the spreadsheet.

    A great place to learn more about how to run an etsy account would be in the etsy forums:

    You can look for and ask any question that comes to mind. There may also be people from the Philippines (or out of the US) that may understand how to use esty in other regions.


  31. Jenny

    this is such great information–

  32. Great information! Could you please send me the spreadsheet?

  33. Joyce


    This is helpful .. your help to all new jewelry designers is really appreciated..
    Please send me the spreadsheet too


  34. Marcia

    I would love a copy of the spreadsheet also. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

  35. OLYA

    Hi, found your article excellent-please send me a spread sheet-
    I am trying to establish and find a on- line jewelery site to sell my hand made necklaces.

    Thanks so much for your info

  36. Olya, let me know how the spreadsheet worked out for you!


  37. Sue

    Thanks so much! I would love a spreadsheet as well…..I am currently trying to set up a shop on Etsy and have so far put up my banner and avatar (with the help of my teenaged daughter)!
    Unfortunately, I am not very experienced with computers and am assuming I need to set up with Paypal before I start listing items. I haven’t been able to find anything on Etsy that explains how to set up Paypal with them…..any help or links would be appreciated!
    Also, if anyone out there can guide me toward instructions on how to upload my photos to Etsy!?!?!?!…….I know- I’m computer illiterate!

  38. Sue,

    Here is a link to an shop set-up guide on Etsy. They have all of the information you will need.
    To upload an image follow through the listing process (explained in the above link). When you get through the the first three or four steps, you will come to the photo uploading step, then click the “browse” button and simply find the file on your computer. It is like sending an email attachment.

    Here is the page to sign up for a new paypal account:

    I would really suggest going into the forums on etsy and asking any of the questions you might have. The people are really friendly and they answer quickly. Here is a link to the forums:

    Feel free to ask more questions!


  39. Sue

    Hi Beth,

    Thank you so much for the spreadsheet and the links you sent! It’s really so nice of you to spend time helping out total strangers….there are some great people out there!

    Since emailing you, I figured out the pictures- The photos I had were taken on the wrong setting, so they were too big, and weren’t uploading to Etsy. I had to change the size of the pictures, then took more with a diffent setting on my camera.

    So far I have about a dozen items in my shop, and it looks ok. I’m sure my pictures could use a little tweaking, but I’m just happy that I have some on there right now!

    Also, I’m all set with Paypal now. I’m just in the process of verifying my account, and once that’s done, I’m all set to go.

    I was starting to pull my hair out for a while there…..
    Thanks again!!


  40. Uprapa

    Could you please send me the spreadsheet? Thank you for great information.

  41. Dee

    Can you please send me the spreadsheet? I am trying to learn all I can about Etsy and eBay stores. Thank you so much.

  42. I would love a copy of the spreadsheet as well. It would be so helpful. We are just starting out, and I’m so confused about how the PayPal works. Any advice? Thanks so much!

  43. Aimee, first you need to sign up for a paypal account, then you are ready to transfer money out to your bank account, you can fill in the proper information to withdraw directly into your account.

  44. Angela

    I would love it if you sent me the spreadsheet. I think it’s great that you’re willing to share. So many people are so secretive about their business stuff. Thanks!

  45. I am thinking of opening a shop, but am trying to figure out all the details. I would love it if you could please send me a copy of the spreadsheet. I think this will help me escalate my process.

  46. erin


    My hubby is really. Encouraging me to sell my crafts on etsy and I told him I wanted to do somemore research beforer I invested too much time and energy into it. So then I found your wonderful article and was wondering if you could possibly send me the spreadsheet as well.
    Thanks so much!

  47. Marian

    Great information! Can you please send me your spreadsheet as well. I think it will be so helpful. Thanks for sharing the information!!

  48. Kirsty C

    Hi Beth,

    Another late comer! If you wouldn’t mind, could I also have a copy of your spreadsheet? I’m doing my research, too, before taking the plunge, and it would be great to see your way.

    Many thanks,

  49. sketchymetaphor

    Hi there Beth,

    I thank you as well for the helpful info. The example of price break down helped me more than my last half hour of ‘researching’ about shipping!

    I joined some time ago but just recently got serious about selling some of my work (i even began taking photos today!). And a whole lot of researching has ensued since then, as i want to make sure i do it right :]

    I would appreciate it if you could send me a copy of the spreadsheet as well. Please and thank you.

    Happy almost weekend :]

  50. makelifehappen


    Wow! Am I ever pleased I stumbled across your blog:) Awesome information and extremely needed in the beginning stages of all of my planning:)

    I would truly appreciate a copy of this excel sheet as well. It is exactly what I was on the hunt for today with all my researching efforts:D

    Look forward to reading some more.


  51. melissa

    i would love to get a copy of your etsy/paypal fees spreadsheet emailed to me if still available. thank you.

  52. Angela

    Hi, I think it’s so wonderful that you provide this information. If possible, I would love to get a copy of this spreadsheet too, if it’s still available. Thank you.

  53. Rachel

    Beth: Lots of great information here. I would love a copy of your spread sheet! Thanks!

  54. Maggie

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon your website… it is awesome!! I would love a copy of your spreedsheet. Thanks!

  55. Tia

    I am just starting my jewelry business. I would like a copy of your spreadsheet if you don’t mind.

  56. Rebekka

    Could you please send me the spreadsheet? Thanks so much!

  57. Cate

    This is a great post, and what a long-lived thread! I really appreciate the advice from a seasoned and experienced Etsy-er (Etsyist?) as I’m just getting started. Still have that spreadsheet? I’d love a copy to get a handle on all this. Thanks!

  58. I am starting my jewelry business. I would like a copy of your spreadsheet. Thank You!

  59. liz

    Beth, Please send us a copy of your spreadsheet. Thank
    you for sharing with us your hard work so life will be

    merritt and liz

  60. carmen anderson

    Beth, I was just looking into selling items on Etsy and would love to get a copy of the excel spreadsheet. What a great thing for you to do! Thank you!

  61. leighleigh

    would you mind sending me the excel sheet as well?

    also, i guess i am a little technologically behind. how do i set up a paypal account specifically for etsy?

    can it just be my paypal account that i use to pay?

    or does it have to be seperate?

  62. Valentine Law

    Another person just starting out and would love a copy of your spreadsheet! Thanks so much!

  63. Juliet

    Great info!! Can I have a copy of the spreadsheet? Thanks a bunch.

  64. I am seriously late on this one, any chance you still have that spreadsheet? Can you forward that to me please?

    Thanks so much!

  65. penny

    hello… is it too late to ask for the spreadsheet for this? i hope you can still forward this to me please. thanks so much!

  66. A spreadsheet to simplify everything. Thanks!

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