New Pin Series!

Please check out my new series of pins!


Red Bronze “Peepish” Pin


Red Bronze “Sheepish” Pin



Red Bronze “Fishy” Pin

I made these pins is a small batch with the lost wax casting process. The original design was created by me using Adobe Photoshop. Then the image is sent off to be etched on an aluminum plate. After I get the plate back, I then saw out the circular pin shape and file and sand all of the edges smooth. I then make a rubber mold of the pin and create what is essentially a wax replica of the final product. I then use the lost wax casting process to make my pins! It is quite the process, but feel free to ask any questions about how these pins are made.

Please visit my Etsy store if you are interested purchasing any of these pins!



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2 responses to “New Pin Series!

  1. OMG! I gotta have these :-)~ I love them. You are so fun with your jewelry. yeah.

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