Interview with Leila Martin: Owner of Bella Beads in Marquette, MI.

An interview with Leila Martin, owner of Bella Beads in Marquette, MI.

Why have you stated a business selling beads and jewelry? How did
you get where you are today?

Making jewelry is something I have enjoyed for a long, long time. I moved
to Marquette 2 Years ago, and found it difficult to find the kind beads I
like to use, and noticed a need for myself. Then in doing craft shows/art
shows/festivals many people commented to me they made jewelry too, and
would ask where I found my supplies, as they had a hard time getting
things they needed.

What were some of the most difficult aspects of starting a business?

Number one: the money. My husband and I have been hard working self
employed people for over 8 years, we didn’t have a lot of capital to make
opening easy.
Number two: Location, there wasn’t a lot of choices for dollar value and
prime location. I feel we really lucked out with the current location, and
really hope it continues to fit our needs for years to come.
Number Three: Time, before the store opened there were countless hours
that have been spent in numerous areas ans many sacrifices were made.

How many hours do you work a week?

Average is 60

Did you direct your inventory towards a ‘target customer base’?

Yes and No, I went with the suggestions of a major bead supply company on about
one third and my own gut and experience with the other share. I am
always open to reasonable suggestions on new merchandise to carry.

Are you getting the amount of customers you expected?

No, More than what I expected.

What type of products do you offer that may be hard to find?

Solid Copper findings,seed beads in Charlotte Cuts, Many colors of
Swarovski’s, wide supply of gemstones and pearls, and individual beads.

What special services do you offer?

Classes, private tutoring sessions, repair and custom orders

What are your hours of operation?

M Tu We Fr 10-6

Thurs 10-7

Sat 11-5

Bella Beads is located at 323 W. Washington St., Marquette, MI.Bella Beads Website


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