Tips on getting into galleries and boutiques

A recent question was posted by Dianne Lehmann:

“All of your tips for how to find and participate in fairs are wonderful. But I did one fair and decided it was not for me. Any tips on getting into galleries and boutiques?”

Boutiques and Consignment

1. Be confident when approaching local businesses.

2. The best way to have a boutique consider your jewelry is by making an appointment to show them your items. Scope out stores before you call about having your items sold there. See if they have items which would go well with your handmade items.

3. If you are confident, you may approach the person working and ask if they have an locally made items. If they do, ask to be shown these pieces specifically. If you are feeling comfortable ask if the items are on consignment. You could say to the person that you also are a local artist and are interested in having your items for sale in their store. If they seem particularly interested, ask to set up an appointment to show them your items. If they don’t seem very interested, don’t push it, they might not be in charge of the consignment. It may be a good idea to ask the name of the person in charge of consignment. Also, I would suggest wearing one or two of your handmade items, so they have a preview of your work.

4. Give them your business card. Call back in a few days and try to set up an appointment to show your items.

5. Appear professional on any occasion you go into their establishment. They will treat you in the way your attire commands them to treat you. Dress as if you were having a job interview.

5 . Have a professional way to show your items to the person in charge of consignment. I am still working on this, it is difficult to have portable, professional, compact, and functional traveling displays! I like to make my own displays, but you can order many different traveling displays from jewelry packaging and display companies.

6. Get some sort of documentation from the person taking your items, you don’t want any strange disputes.

Galleries and Exhibits

Coming Soon!

Please Click HERE to see more information about submitting your handcrafted jewelry to Galleries, Books, and Magazines!

This is a link to a really great informational site on running a jewelry business, which I learned a TON from when I started my business


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