Jewelry Blog Connections

I just wanted to thank all of the people that are interested in my blog. I hope it is a useful tool for you, or at least moderately entertaining to look at!

Some of the new connections I have been making are with Rena Klingenberg of Jewelry Business Success Tips who has 100’s of articles on running your own jewelry business. She has recently published the article I wrote “Jewelry Display Racks from Hardware Store Parts” on her website. Please click here to see my original blog post.

I have also been watching a series called Metal Chik with Victoria and her apprentice Adam, there is a new episode every Monday. If you like hands on direction along with demonstration, you need to check out the Metal Chik website! Once you become addicted to her show, please keep an eye out for my pieces of jewelry as she will be featuring my work at some point in the future.

Elephant Pendant

Hand Cut Elephant Pendant


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