Jewelry Makers Tool Apron

I wanted to share with you all my new handmade Jewelry Makers Tool Belt. I had a class assignment to remake something to be more individualized for my personal needs. I thought about all of the tool-belts out there and I wanted something comfortable, durable and fun to wear when I am teaching workshops, or when doing demos and selling my handcrafted jewelry at art fairs and music festivals. I haven’t used my sewing machine for anything more than hemming tablecloths in the last five years or so. I picked up a couple of old corduroy skirts from the local Vinney’s and got to planning my new tool apron.

I used an old apron as a pattern and measured all of the parts, then I made a few small scale drawings. I measured all of my tools and made individual pockets to fit each tool. It took a while, but I had more than enough fabric with two long skirts. I probably have enough left over to make another apron.

Jewely Apron 1

Me in my handmade Jewelry Tool Apron!

Jewely Apron 2


Jewely Apron 3



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2 responses to “Jewelry Makers Tool Apron

  1. that’s such a great solution i probably never would’ve thought of. question–is it functional for working when you’re sitting down? i have this stupid habit of putting my tools i just used and will use again in my lap. then i’m having hammers slide off onto my toes or stabbing my crotch with a file. if i could train that impulse into using a pocket, i could cut down at least SOME of the frustration i cause myself 😉

  2. Clare, I actually don’t use my apron very often, but I do have it hanging on the wall behind me and I make a big effort to put tools away, but I really have to train myself, or I get in the zone and the tool is set down wherever I find a surface. Your comment is very funny because I also set tools on my lap once the counter is too cluttered! I would suggest making the apron so it can hang on the wall within reach of your bench, then you can easily grab and put tools back. If I were to make a variation on this apron, I would make it so it only tied around my waist, because it it sort of heavy and it weighs down on the back of my neck.

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