Create Your Own Style: Metal Chik and ThreadBanger

Are you looking for a way to understand some of the trends in jewelry? Are you ever wondering how you might make your own unique style of clothing without all of the cost? I suggest you check out the links below.

Lately I have been addicted to ThreadBanger, an awesome website ran by two very creative and crafty individuals, Rob and Corinne.

“Welcome to ThreadBanger, the first network for people who make their own fashion. The Internet has brought on a “See Change” in all walks of life. We see everything differently now. Fashion is no exception. Threadbanger cheerfully declares an end to Fashion dictated from on high. Live and die DIY. That’s Threadbanger’s motto. The hippest fashion trend today is not in New York, Paris, or Milan. And you won’t find it strutting down any runway. It’s in your closet, your attic, and the Thrift Shop down the street. Threadbanger brings you into the homes and hearts and souls of people like you who just can’t hack the rack. These threadheads make their own clothes, their own fashion statements. And Threadbanger shows you their wears. Threadbanger empowers you with the insider’s view—the true how-to. Don’t throw that old kahki shirt into some landfill. Refashionize it. We’ll show you how. We promise to follow this thread of the new pop culture wherever it leads. We’ll find the self-styled fashion pioneers with the gift of garb and the courage to reap what they sew. Maybe you’re one of them. Maybe you’d like to share YOUR fashion statement with the world. Threadbanger operators are standing by. “ Information borrowed from here.

I have also been really into this online series called Metal Chik, which is a website on DIY jewelry and also explores some of the current jewelry trends.

Metal Chik: Do Your Own Bling

Inside every woman—whether she’s soft and feminine or tough as nails—beats the heart of a metal chik. We all dig jewelry, don’t we girls?

But making beautiful jewelry? That’s beyond most of us, right?

Not anymore. Now there’s Metal Chik: Jewelry Design and Metal Work De-Mystified.

Victoria Tillotson is the ultimate metalchik, the mistress of metals and rocks. She knows their secrets—how to bend them, shape them, and join them into exquisite decorations that bring out a woman’s inner soul. (Or a man’s for that matter.) Now she’s bringing her funky, unique style of teaching-by-doing to the Internet to share those secrets with you.

On Metal Chik, Victoria and her apprentice Adam teach you how to do your own bling. They provide clear, concise primers—how-to’s on the hottest trends in jewelry. Like how to make a hammered silver earring in two short minutes; how to construct a personalized chain mail ensemble using easy-to-buy copper or silver sheets; or how to revamp your old jewelry into new stuff that’s fresh, exciting and you.

They’ll also teach you how to dig up the best deals in diamonds, hunt for buried treasure on e-bay, and use the Internet to uncover vintage pieces at a fraction of their cost…information that can help you start a great collection, or create a unique personal style.

Every year students cram Victoria’s class at New York’s renowned School of Visual Arts to learn jewelry design and the fine craft of metalworking from a master. If you saw Victoria roar down 23rd Street on her motorcycle, you might never guess that she is an internationally acclaimed expert on antique jewelry, specializing in the “mod” styles of the 50s and 60s that are experiencing such a resurgence today. But she is. And now she’s found a new way to spread the joy of jewelry. It’s Metal Chik, and it’s there for you online, whenever you want it.

Want to get involved? Submit your own unique creations by uploading your video to our website and we’ll feature your designs on the show! Have a question on how to create something? Let us know and we’ll cover it in an upcoming episode! This is the show that the viewers create!” Information borrowed from here.

So, you should take some time out of your busy schedule and check out these two fabulous outlets for creating a style of your own!


Handcrafted Copper, Brass and Sterling Silver Lamination Necklace with handmade chain.



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2 responses to “Create Your Own Style: Metal Chik and ThreadBanger

  1. blysemomma

    That’s really gorgeous. I landed on one of your older posts first then decided to go to the latest. I’m glad I did.

  2. Thanks for the compliment!

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