In October (poem)

deep red leaves sway like elderly flesh, bruised
yellow leaves cling, jaundiced skin,
pale orange pine needles threateningly shroud the ground,
brown leaves commit suicide onto dying grass
fretting the shuffle into large black sacks

people scour the ground with massive back-scratchers
hands blister, fleshy
acorn squash falls off of prickly vines

naked tree limbs reach out fearing cold
rain falls puddling into muddy cesspools,
strands of hay huddle together with spools of jute

bird-chirp mornings are hushed and distant,
flowers and gardens droop like frail old men,
winds howl, children fall off bicycles

people move about like scared rabbits on brisk mornings,
dusty jackets loose the shape of stiff-shouldered hangers

porches are covered with tacky orange bulbs,
massive inflated pumpkins loom like obese statues,
dead dried corn stalks remain hostage on painted porch posts,
smells of decaying leaves waft, raccoons rifle through trash bags

people are late, they huddle under comforters, spoon
kettles of soup that simmer and groan like liquid giants,
hot apple cider scorches mouths, spicy lava
blankets come out of musty chests like cadavers from graves,
creepily clad children gobble candy by the bagful

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