weary winter wobbles (poem)

weary winter wobbles

stockpiled sewer sills
swimming pool puddles
sit on side of street

wailing winds waft
warning storm signals
waiting water on windowsills

fall failing farther
future winter weeps
feeling frosty fingertips

cold curiosities come
crisp final flurries
chilly cheerless chin

desolate destiny dabbles
desire cozy cover
doomed dreary dismay

tedious trees tremble
tepid days delay
tired trivial time

reeling rides rumble
roads trick trucks
revered riders retreat

curios cars churn
creeping rage rides
conceal cowering crows

greedy gleam greet
grim covered creek
gray gloomy grief

hours helps hold
harsh cold creeps
hinders hopeless hue

bleak bold blunder
body help heat
binding being built

promise portrayed pure
pleasure breathes bliss
pleased people paradise

hands holding happy
hug person properly
huddle here at home


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