Directed Study Curriculum

This semester I am going to have a directed study where I create my own curriculum for the class. I have created a somewhat difficult curriculum for myself in order to push myself into accomplishing a lot. Below is a copy of my curriculum, I think it is a reasonable amount of work. Please feel free to comment on this! I think making a written plan for myself is a great way to accomplish goals that may otherwise be put off (As long as I stick to the plan!)

1. Make 5 pairs of earrings
—–Showcase pieces that are new/interesting/elaborate
2. Make 3 neck pieces
—–Showcase pieces that are new/interesting/elaborate
3. Make 5 bracelets
—–Showcase pieces that are new/interesting/elaborate
4. Make 3 anklets
—–Work on idea for adjustability and durability
5. Make and cast multiple sizes of simple wedding bands in silver
6. Make a jewelry piece that is unlike traditional pieces (worn differently or worn on a different part of the body)
7. Make a new hanging tag design for business
8. Make a production of 150 earring hooks
—–50/each of three different styles

I would like to follow this plan as closely as I can. I feel as though this is an attainable goal, but may be somewhat difficult. I am going to try and focus more on laminations and cut out silhouette designs in my work.

Possible additions to Plan

9. Make a production of cast clasps (I will probably do this in the casting class)
10. Apply to 3 or more art shows
11. Create a plan for teaching workshops to share with class?
12. Market displays and findings
—–Additional line of handmade display items and findings (hooks, clasps, etc.) to website and booth for next year.

There are numerous things that I did over the summer that I would like to share with people who are interested. I would like to do a presentation of some sort, or just a group discussion on how I am running a business (pricing philosophy, aspects of sales etc.) in order to help other understand some of the marketing aspects of art.


Copper and Sterling Silver Lamination

Sterling Silver and Copper Lamination Bracelet (SOLD)


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  1. Thanks! I forgot about outlining directed studies. Back in the day when I attended college classes I found the process held me accountable. I am spending today working on my goals.

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