Web of Ranting (Poem)

This is a poem I wrote a while ago and have decided to post here now…

I stopped looking at television
maybe five years ago
I quit looking at it

Five days ago thirty-three people dead
I youtubed a newscast over a broadbandwith
News lady spoke in a language now foreign to me

Five years ago we listened to each other
beginning five months ago we myspaced our poets
I stopped hearing it

My mind strives to superimpose your voice over–
but my eyes play tricky-tricks
with the mouse clicky-clicks

I wikipediaed your names yesterday
I was glad you didn’t show up

my mind deprived of readings read aloud
my eyes dried by images of words never spoke
on the power cord I choke

I don’t stay up past midnight much
listening to your long-winded utterances
We transitioned to our network
tends to threatwork our comprehension


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