Beads, Rocks, Copper Oh my!

I went to the most awesome bead store yesterday morning in Houghton. The name of the store was Silver Rae Studio. The Sliver Rae Bead Shop is located in downtown Houghton (322 Sheldon Ave. in Room 6; upstairs between the Douglas Agency and REMAX realty). She has store hours on Monday only, but she is usually open most weekdays. She is in the store more in the winter.

After I left the Silver Rae, I drove on to Calumet, MI and went to an awesome huge rock shop called Prospectors Paradise (I will post pictures later). The people were really nice and I also bought a cabochon of a local stone that the rock shop owners called “Alexite” because the man who found it was named Alex. They believe that the rock is unidentified, which was really exciting to me! I am really interested in using local materials, so this was pretty cool.

One of the men (The Wizard) at Prospectors Paradise brought me to this Vortex behind the store and told me about the energy fields there, it was very interesting. There were a bunch of cedar trees with big burls on them, and he had me put a hand on each tree, the energy was strong, I felt a wave sensation in my hands. I know that some people will read this and think I am a little crazy, but whatever, this was one of the highlights of my trip! They hold a metaphysical fair their in the spring, and I would like to go at some point.

I left Calumet and went onward to Copper Harbor. I stopped at many scenic sites along HWY 26 and saw beautiful parts of the shoreline of Lake Superior, which I will post pictures of when I get home. When I arrived at Copper Harbor I drove to the end of HWY 41, which was kind of cool because in the other direction, this highway goes all the way to Florida. I then looked for a place to camp when I decided to check if I could set up my jewelry tent early. I also asked the woman running the show if I could camp there and she said yes, which sort of made my day. I set everything up, met a potter who I got a drink with and then went to the local grocery store with a woman who does stained glass bird houses. The people I have met here (locals and tourists) were very kind and generous. I went to bed around 11:00, and fell asleep pretty quick…

I woke up a while later, freezing my but off! I bet it was only in the upper 30 degrees F! I was defiantely not prepared in my hooded sweatshirt and sleeping bag. Eventually, I moved into the car, which was not much of a help. I was grateful that the local restaurant called The Pines Resort and had a nice breakfast. I warmed up a bit, but a huge tour bus came into the restaurant, so I left and went to get coffee at a different restaurant. I ended up talking to this very nice man who was demonstrating pastels at a Studio in town. He bought my coffee for me, which was really nice. I then went and reserved a hotel room for tonight, because I can not freeze again! I have this huge room where 4-5 people could sleep–all to myself. It’s kind of funny, because it is bigger than my entire house which is not big though (18X18ft).

My cellphone does not work here, but there is internet access pretty much everywhere, so that is convenient. My sales went pretty well today, so I hope tomorrow goes just as well! I will add a bunch of pictures to this post in the near future.

Back through the Sleeper Lake Forest Fire Region



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