Cyberia Cafe Houghton, MI

I am currently at the Cyberia Cafe in Houghton, MI. Mike has more work than he has time to do and I decided to go to Copper Harbor, MI alone. I am probably going to camp on state forest land if I can find any. The coffee is pretty good and here and they have unlimited refills for $1.06. There is a bead store (Nightforest Jewelry) across the street and they have a small collection of beads but more costume jewelry and crystal jewelry that is already made. I am hoping to find a rock shop or a really cool bead store while I am here. I am a little nervous about the show in Copper Harbor on Saturday and Sunday because I am going to be setting up all alone, but I think I will be just fine. I am also really hoping to see a Moose while I am here, but I don’t really expect to.


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Filed under Festivals & Shows, Jewelry Business

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