I remeber the days when I used to paint…

When I first decided to go to Northern Michigan University, I thought I wanted to be a painting and drawing major, but after being made to paint still-life I became very bored. My style of abstraction is what makes painting fun for me. My paintings usually start out by picking a few colors and basing the imagery off of these colors. Once I start on the painting, I am enveloped in the process, only stopping to put more music on now and then.

Sometimes I draw out some images before I start to paint, like in the image you see below. This is one of my favorite paintings which is currently living in a storage unit. The piece is 4 ft X3 ft and is canvas stretched over 1/2in plywood, so it is very heavy. I painted this soon after I graduated from high school and it is still one of my favorite paintings. I think it may be representational of a relationship I was in which was more struggle than happiness. It is strange how well-made art can come out of sadness.



3’X4′ Oil on Canvas (2003)


Some of the images I create are completely formed from my imagination. I do not necessarily start making a piece with an idea in mind. I make this piece when I was finally allowed to draw/paint what I wanted to in my painting and drawing class. I was receiving mediocre grades for half of the semester because I was not truly inspired, even though I was creating works. Once I was finally allowed to draw something that I wanted to, I made the piece below. I entitled it Growth only while writing this blog. Once I have been away from a piece for a while, it is easier for me to understand the meaning of it. I entitle it Growth because it represents a period of growth for me personally, realizing that all of the figure drawings and still-lives made me want to draw in my own style and not conform to someone else’s idea of art. Although all of the figure drawings and still lives probably made me a better artist, I was ready to leave the painting and drawing department. This is when I decided to pursuit jewelry making.

Growth 18″X24″



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