We finally arrived at Farmfest in Johannesburg, MI on Thursday afternoon. We set up the jewelry booth in our little spot in the woods. Then we set up our camping gear. I was hoping to make good sales at Farmfest, but I did not sell anything all day Friday… I sold some items on Saturday. I am not entirely sure if it was the location of my booth, the 90+ degree weather or just that the people weren’t looking to spend money, but overall I did not sell much on Saturday either.


Mike in the Farmfest Booth.

We closed up a little early on Friday so we could see The Ragbirds play on the main stage. They are one of the most awesome bands that I have seen in quite a while. Their style is somewhere between folk-pop and afro-beat. It is hard to describe their music, so you should get their CD.


The Ragbirds
The Ragbirds(image used from

Saturday morning started out with a cold shower for me, partly because it was so hot, and partly because there was only cold showers in the morning. The showers were solar powered, which are only warm if the sun shines on them all day =). I was definitely happy with the cold shower though.


We put all of the jewelry out Saturday morning, I made my booth fee back and some gas money. I can not complain too much, because the festival was really fun. We closed down around 6:00 and went to catch Ignorant Mob at the main stage. They are one of our favorite bands out of Michigan.  They are also from the Marquette, MI area.

Ignorant Mob
Ignorant Mob


At about 3:00am, it started to rain really hard. Mike and I were sleeping in the back of our van, so I closed up the windows and started to worry about all of my jewelry tools located in my EZup tent. The rain was coming down so hard I thought it would soak into my wooden boxes that housed all of my jewelry making supplies. I eventually fell back to sleep and woke up around 9:00 to more rain. It stopped soon after and we looked into the our camping tent which had all of our clothes, my guitar food, etc and it was pretty wet inside. We took everything out and laid it out to dry. The temperature was starting to rise, and it was getting really hot.


Then we went over to the jewelry booth which was about 300 yds away and found that all of the jewelry tools were fine, but the EZup tent apparently leaks from the ceiling. It leaked from areas where there were no seams and the table cloths and displays got pretty wet. I was grateful that we took all of the jewelry out on Saturday night, becasue all of my individualized tags would have bled from the moisture. We decided to pack up the booth and call it a day. I would not suggest for anyone to purchase the EZup tent, in my opinion, they are overrated and poorly made. Next year Mike wants to build me a tent with a wooden frame and canvas walls. If you are interested in something like this, you can shoot me an e-mail ( and maybe he could build two.


We hung out with some friends for a while after we packed up all of our gear. Then we saw The Ragbirds play again. Soon after we left for home, a 5 hour drive back to Marquette, MI. On the way home I realized that I had a bad sunburn from packing up all of our things in the heat of the day.

The image below is near the region of the Sleeper Lake Forest Fire, Mike took the photo while I was driving, it is eerie how something beautiful can come out of something so destructive.

Back through the Sleeper Lake Forest Fire Region
The Sleeper Lake Forest Fire Region


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  1. wow, I’m glad that your jewelry didn’t get ruined from the rain. Hey if you guys are coming to come down to lower Michigan for Bubble – fest in Howard city, I’d love to hear you guys play again, i miss you guys. if you want to give me a heads up just drop in at the party spot, in Howard city.

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