Running a Jewelry Business?

Jewelry Business Success Tips by Rena Klingenberg is one of the most informative websites that I have come across. She has compiled tons of articles of her own, and from around the web, of different tips for any type of jewelry business. I am going to promote her site whenever I get the chance because the information she has provided accounts for a great deal of my business. Please take a look at her site and see for yourself!

Another great site with information and inspiration is NeoVamp Jewelry, here on Carolina González is the person behind the jewelry, henna, handmade dolls, massive amounts of information and much more! She likes to make everything (really everything) by hand, one great tip I got from her site was to make custom boxes for special orders, such as the wedding commission I recently finished for Amanda of Marquette. I used a great simple box design from NeoVamp and then covered it with some wall paper from the local Habitat For Humanity ReStore.

Bridemaid pendants

Bridesmaid Pendants with Vintage Rinestones



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2 responses to “Running a Jewelry Business?

  1. Thank for your compliments Beth! I will add a link on my blogroll to your site too, so my readers can enjoy your beautiful work!

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