The Beginnings of a Jewelry Artist cont.

While in high school I became very interested in oil painting. I had some really awesome teachers who were very open to the idea of abstract art. I really enjoy the fluidity of oil paint and how long it takes to dry. I was still making jewelry now and then, but painting had become one of my focus.

When I was 18, I moved into my first apartment which had more space than I would ever have in a house. I was working a a local coffeehouse in the evenings and staying up all hours painting and hanging out with friends.

Then I attended UW-Marinette for a few years and had a great time learning from some ultra intelligent people (yes I am a nerd). I was very interested in Sociology and Anthropology, but found them to be slightly depressing subjects. So, after I finished at UW-Marinette, I decided to move to Marquette, MI (my current home) to study Art and Design.

My first art class at NMU was an oil painting class, and I will just say it is not what I expected.

My first jewelry class was in 2006. Until this point, I had no concept of soldering or any of the fundamental techniques of metals. I instantly became infatuated with the art of Metalsmithing and was hooked for life.

Sterling Silver and Jasper Necklace

Hand twisted sterling silver wire with brecciated jasper and jasper beads (SOLD).


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