The Beginnings of a Jewelry Artist

I have decided to start a blog on my website. I am pretty sure my decision to start this blog is based on the fact that I spend time every day looking at other jewelry blogs, thinking wow, I could be adding something to this.

I may as well start out with a little history about how this jewelry phase of my life began. I have been creating jewelry for a very long time. I think there are pictures somewhere in my mom’s photos of my sister and I making beaded friendship bracelets when we were grade school aged. I sold my first knotted friendship bracelet when I was in elementary school. I used to bring my little tackle box of DMC threads to all of my classes so I could make bracelets between classes or on the playground. I think I sold $8.00 worth of bracelets in one day, which was more money than I had ever possessed. Keep in mind my bracelets were priced at $.25 or $.50 and the occasional $.75, Thus the beginnings of my fascination with jewelry.

Later on in 5th grade, I pierced people’s fingernails and made fingernail rings, which were no more than a jump ring with a bead on it. Don’t worry, this process is not painful, the person getting the finger nail piercing had to have long enough nails. I think this idea sprouted from when I saw a waitress in my hometown of Marinette, WI with one of these piercing. What a short-lived fad.

I did my first craft show when I was in elementary school, it was at the Pine Tree Mall in Marinette, WI. The show was called “Enterprising Kids,” which sounds like some evil corporate plan to turn children into consumption machines, but it was nothing of the sort. I sold friendship bracelets with a friend from elementary school who also made bracelets. I always thought hers were better than mine. I also sold little reindeer made out of colored hot glue, weird but a hit seller at $1.00/ea.




Bridemaid pendants

Bridemaid pendants


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